Multichrome flakies


Multichrome flakies for nail art/nail polish

Each package contains one teaspoon ( approximately 0.3 grams ) and comes in a small plastic jar.

Please select your colour choice from the drop down menu.

Shown is a small amount of the flakes over a black base which is the black glitter base from Dance Legend. They were applied with a silicone brush tool. 
This product will work over other bases though, like gel. For more ideas on how to use these, follow this link.

They will also work over the new Special Effects base coat I have available but not as well as these pictures show. 
I have had much better luck with the holo powders and the multichrome powders. See the listing for examples.




The main pictures show what the flakes look like with a water based topcoat ( left ) and without any topcoat ( right )  over the black Dance Legend glitter base coat.


The black and white mani photo is using flake #4 with the special effects base coat.


Last photos show the black Dance Legend glitter base with flake #1





*These flakes are extremely lightweight and instantly airborne upon opening the package. They will get everywhere if you are not careful! Avoid all drafts and quick movements!

These are safe for use in nail art and nail polish but are not suitable for other cosmetic uses ( face, lips, eyes etc )

It is strongly advised to wear protection when handling these flakes, such as protective goggles/glasses and a face mask as this flake will become airborne.



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