Special Effects Base Coat


Did you ever wish you could do all those fancy finishes like the latest chrome powder and holo nails, on regular polish?

Well now you can and its so easy!
This base coat makes an amazing base for all things mirror/holo/multichrome.


1 - Simply paint a thin layer on your bare nails ( or over a base colour if you wish )
Leave it to dry for approximately 60 seconds. You want the base to be dry but still tacky to the touch.
If you painted this over another base colour, it will take longer to dry.

It will take some experimenting to work out exactly how long you will need to wait. Too soon and it will just be a mess when you try to apply your flakes/pigment but if you wait too long, they wont stick well :( Once you work out your average wait times, its so easy to use.


2 - Gently dab/rub you pigment/flakes of choice onto the base coat using either an eyeshadow applicator, a silicone brush or even just your finger.


3 - Brush off excess pigment and finish off with a water based topcoat.
Your regular topcoat will work but you most likely lose the chrome/mirror type finish.


Want to get even fancier? You can use this with nail vinyls too!
Negative Space manis? Yes!
Get a small brush and use this to add accents to your finished mani, the possibilities are endless.


Pictures show a holo pigment, a chrome powder and flake colour #1 used over the Special Effects base coat.


PS - This is what is commonly referred to as a sticky base coat, so it's perfect for that too! It just happens to make nail art so easy :)

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