Silver holographic flakies


Silver holographic flakies for nail art.

Weight: Approximately 0.5 gram
Package type - small plastic jar as pictured.  The jar will NOT be full of flakies.


No special base or top coat is needed for these flakies.
Simply apply over a tacky layer of polish/topcoat or use our Special Effects base coat!




The first photo shows a small amount of the flakes over a black, white and red base.
The second, third and fourth are shown over Sparta Drive
The last photos show the flakies over a naked nail using the Special Effects base coat.






*These flakes are extremely lightweight and instantly airborne upon opening the jar. They will get everywhere if you are not careful! Avoid all drafts and quick movements!

These are safe for use in nail art but are not suitable for other cosmetic uses ( face, lips, eyes etc )

It is strongly advised to wear protection when handling these flakes, such as protective goggles/glasses and a face mask as this flake will become airborne.

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